About Us

LaLa Land Christian Academy is a Preschool that caters for little ones from 2 months up to 5 years. 
We are based in Roodepoort and have been blessed with a spacious property where children can run play and explore.

We are not only a preschool but a second home where each child and their family becomes part of our family. We believe that each child is a blessing from God and we aim to be instruments in God’s hands as He gives us the wisdom to instil confidence in each child and equip them to walk in all that God has for them and their life ahead.

We focus on giving children the essential skills and mind-sets founded on biblical principles by incorporating the word of God in all of our lessons and discussions.

We created a loving and caring environment where your child can run, play, create, discover, learn and grow. A place where your child’s foundation will be solid as we focus on all aspects of their development. Here at LaLa Land children will grow a love for learning by having the best adventure day after day.

We believe that your child must come to school to have fun and play without even realising that they are learning a great deal. Although our main focus is for a child not to have too much pressure at this stage of learning, we do recognise the huge challenge that primary school is today, so we aim to have your child prepared and ready for “big school”. We encourage children to have hands on learning experiences by providing activities that nurtures the child’s cognitive, spiritual, physical, intellectual, social and emotional growth.

Our vision is to prepare a new generation that is deeply rooted in love and acceptance that will break away from the mind-sets of this world and be a generation that builds on a secure foundation for a purpose driven life.


Registration Fee




  • Registration payable on enrolment.
  • School fees are payable over 12 Months from January to December IN ADVANCE.
  • School fees due monthly on or before the first day of each month.


  • We have 6 classrooms, uniquely themed and equipped with a wide variety of age appropriate educational toys.
  • LaLa Land consist of a Baby Centre, Junior and Senior section.
  • Each group has their own classroom and playground.
  • All of our teachers has an assistant to help them give each child individual attention as we know how important it is that children receive constant love and recognition.

Get In Touch

Phone: 061 829 6862 / 071 430 7722

Email: info@lala-land.co.za

781 Corlett Ave, Witpoortjie, Roodepoort,
1724, South Africa

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"Children must be taught HOW to think, not what to think"